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The world's smallest magnetic water activator

No. 036366 (2020)

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What makes MAGMATRIX -P attractive?

  • It does not consume electricity.

  • You can carry it with you in a breast pocket or purse.

  • It is significantly more powerful  and several times  smaller    and   lighter than existing devices today.

  • It is practically an eternal generator, unique in its properties, of the magnetised water - means for healing and rejuvenating the body

  • It is very easy to operate and does not require special care and replacement of parts. Lifetime is UNLIMITED !Its construction and design are modern and aesthetic.


The case of the device has been made of food-grade aluminum alloy. A plastic mouthpiece with a cap has been installed at the top of the device. To remove the cap, it is necessary to hold with one hand the bottom ribbed part of the plastic mouthpiece, and with the other hand to unscrew the cap counterclockwise, as shown in Fig.1 and 2.
At the other end there is an inlet mesh pipe, on which a metal cap has been installed, photo 3.

The device set has an adapter for connecting the device to the neck of a standard plastic bottle from Coca-Cola, Fanta or bottles with a neck of a similar international standard, Fig.4. When using the device without an adapter, the caps of the mouthpiece and the inlet are removed, the mouthpiece is taken into the mouth, and the inlet of the device is lowered into a glass of drinking water, after which the water is sucked through the mouthpiece, Fig.5 and 6.


To obtain the magnetized drinking water with the help of adapter, the caps of two ends of “MAGMATRIX-P” device are unscrewed, then the adapter is screwed on the side of the inlet, after which the opposite end of the adapter is screwed on the neck of a standard plastic bottle. After screwing the device onto the mouth of a plastic bottle, it is necessary to turn the bottle so that the mouthpiece is directly above the glass or other vessel and periodically, slightly compressing and unclutching the plastic bottle, pour out of it the amount of water necessary for drinking water, Fig.7 and 8.










The properties of the magnetized water are fully preserved within 48 hours, therefore, it is better to prepare the magnetized water immediately before use, which will allow you to get the maximum effect.


If you magnetize not the entire volume of water contained in the bottle, but in parts, it is necessary to bear in mind that in the process of passing through the device, a part of the water that is in the bottle is also slightly magnetized. As a result, the dissolved salts in water, alkaline earth metals, chloride compounds, and some substances harmful to the body form the suspensions that are visible to the eye. In this case, it is necessary to allow the water to be cleared, so that the suspensions precipitate to the bottom of the bottle, after which the water can continue to be used for magnetization. After using the entire volume of water, the bottle must be rinsed with clean water, pre-shaken to remove suspended particles in the sediment. After thorough rinsing, the plastic bottle can again be used to store the water intended for magnetization.

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Perspective model

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