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High Rise Buildings

EURASIAN PATENT No. 037875 (2021)


The MAGMATRIX-B apparatus uses the latest achievements in the field of science and technology, which made it possible to achieve its superiority over all similar apparatus produced in the world. In particular, the MAGMATRIX-B devices are significantly more powerful and compact than the existing analogues. The technology is patented.
In the MAGMATRIX-B class devices, a special magnetic matrix of neodymium magnets is used, allowing, more than 20 times, to increase the intensity of the magnetic field effect on water. In addition, in the apparatus of this class, along with the use of water magnetisation, a vortex effect (Schauberg effect), water treatment with an alternating magnetic field and infrasonic vibrations, at a frequency allowing for the most efficient structuring of water.

Magnetic treatment of water is understood as the effect on the water flowing through special devices with a powerful constant or alternating magnetic field. After magnetic treatment of water, while maintaining its chemical and mineral composition, its structure changes, which affects its physico-chemical properties, that is, ordinary water becomes much more chemically and biologically active and has a beneficial effect on the human body and animals, as well as plants. . Magnetized water does not change the properties during boiling

"MAGMATRIX-B" is installed directly at the entrance of the water pipe of a high-rise building. The magnetic activator allows you to significantly soften the water and prevent the formation of scale and lime deposits in:

  • water and heating pipes;

  • electric water heaters;

  • gas columns;

  • teapots;

  • heating systems;

  • water pumps;

  • washing machines;

  • dishwashers;

  • boilers;

  • pumping stations and boilers;

  • plumbing and hydromassage complexes.

The magnetized water is not only useful for people to use, but it is also possible to water domestic animals and birds, pour them into aquariums, and water the plants. When using the magnetic activator "MAGMATRIX-B", sinks and baths are much less clogged, and no dark deposit is formed on the plumbing surface.

When washing laundry, using magnetized water, the laundry is cleaned much more efficiently, regardless of the detergent used.

Bathing under magnetized water perfectly relieves fatigue and favorably affects the skin, softens the hair and gives it a natural shine, helps reduce dandruff.

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