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    In the past two decades, in many countries around the world, including the USA, China, Russia, India, Japan, Germany, and others, excellent results have been obtained on the application of past magnetic water treatment in agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, fish farming, medicine, cosmetology, in the production of heavy-duty concrete, building materials, etc.

     It should be emphasized that the magne-tic treatment of water refers to the effect on the water flowing through special devices with a powerful constant or alternating magnetic field. After the magnetic treatment of water, while maintaining the chemical composition, its structure changes, which affects its physico-chemical properties, that is, ordinary water becomes much more chemically and biologically active.
    MAGMATRIX technology uses the latest achievements in the field of science and technology, which allowed it to achieve its superiority over all similar technologies known in the world. In particular, MAGMATRIX devices are significantly more powerful and smaller than existing analogues. The technology is patented.

    In MAGMATRIX-type devices, a special 3D magnetic matrix of neodymium magnets is used, allowing, by more than 50-100 times, to increase the intensity of the magnetic field effect on water. The pore structure of the three-dimensional magnetic matrix has a spiral shape. In addition, in the apparatus of this class, along with the use of water magnetization, a vortex effect is used, water treatment with an alternating magnetic field and infrasonic oscillations, at a frequency that allows the most efficient structuring of water.
​     When water passes through a powerful magnetic field, the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance arises in water atoms, which leads to the orientation of randomly oriented protons in a strictly oriented state.

      The magnetic field has the same effect on the molecules and microparticles of various chemical compounds and trace elements dissolved and contained in water, salts, and also ions. As a result, water is structured from the level of atomic nuclei to the level of macromolecules and microparticles.
     Studies have shown that during magnetic treatment, water is saturated with dissolved oxygen and its content rises by an average of 250-350%. Thus, magnetized water completely replaces oxygen cocktails, which in recent years have become very popular all over the world.
     Water saturated with dissolved oxygen is biologically active and very useful for a living organism - people, flora and fauna.
      Magnetized and oxygenated water:

  • Saturates the body with oxygen and prevents oxygen starvation.

  • It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

  • Promotes the establishment of the gastrointestinal tract, the elimination of constipation.

  • Increase the protective properties of the body, stress resistance, improve overall well-being.

  • Tones up, improves working capacity.


 In addition, in the process of water magnetization, water is saturated with hydrogen dissolved in water, the concentration of which increases, on average, by 200-250%. Over the years, water-based cocktails, hydrogen inhalations and hydrogen baths have become very popular in medical and recreational practice. 
    To saturate water with dissolved hydrogen, expensive hydrogen generators are usually used. Meanwhile, MAGMATRIX devices solve this problem at no extra cost.

     The use of hydrogen-saturated water allows you to:

  • provide effective hydration of the body;

  • reduce doses and reduce side effects of medications;

  • improve metabolism;

  • get rid of excess weight and obesity;

  • normalize blood pressure;

  • reduce the likelihood of a heart attack;

  • improve memory;

  • strengthen immunity;

  • get rid of chronic fatigue and stress;

  • improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails;

  • reduce allergic reactions;

  • slow down the aging process;

  • improve the quality of life.

    Oxidation and reduction are two opposing processes that are equally important for biological life. Magnetic treatment of water allows you to saturate it for a certain time with oxygen and hydrogen dissolved in water, approximately the same concentration. The human body is 75-80% composed of water containing hydrogen and oxygen. But when these two elements separate from each other under the influence of powerful magnetic pulses, they become very active and tend to connect with the formation of water molecules. During this process, the intracellular reactions of the cell are accelerated, many physiological processes are activated, the cells and the whole body are rejuvenated. Water activated by means of a magnetic field improves metabolic processes and releases internal hidden energy reserves of biological systems.

  Crystallization centers formed in magnetized water lead to sticking together of microparticles of hardness salts - calcium and magnesium bicarbonates in water, which precipitate. Thus, there is a significant softening of the water and a decrease in its viscosity.
   Each water molecule is capable of forming hydrogen bonds with four neighboring molecules, forming clusters. Clusters of water can unite into giant structures - megaclusters. Clusters and megaclusters make the structure of water heterogeneous in terms of physicochemical properties. Within clusters, density, fluidity, surface tension, electrical resistance, and a number of other water properties are different from the rest of the water, consisting of unbound water molecules.

  The passage of water through the MAGMATRIX magnetic matrix most effectively destroys clusters and makes the water homogeneous and structured. Studies have shown that water passing through the MAGMATRIX magnetic matrix suppresses the development of many pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

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