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EURASIAN PATENT No. 037875 (2021)

MAGMATRIX apparatus is installed directly at the entrance of the water pipe of an apartment or house.

The magnetic activator allows you to significantly soften the water and prevent the formation of scale and lime deposits in:

  • water and heating pipes;

  • electric water heaters;

  • gas column;

  • teapots;

  • heating systems;

  • water pumps;

  • washing machines;

  • dishwashers;

  • boilers;

  • pumping stations and boilers;

  • plumbing and hydromassage complexes.


When washing laundry using magnetized water, the laundry is cleaned much more efficiently, regardless of the detergent used, and the amount of washing powder required for washing is reduced by 50-70%.

The taste of dishes cooked in magnetized water is noticeably improved, and the cooked dishes have more useful properties and are better absorbed by the body.

Drinking magnetized water helps to relieve swelling and reduce weight, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, stabilizes blood pressure, improves sleep and improves body tone.

Bathing under magnetized water perfectly relieves fatigue and has a beneficial effect on the skin, softens the hair and gives it a natural shine, helps to reduce dandruff.

Taking baths in magnetized water reduces joint and muscle pain in the body, solves the problem of skin irritations, significantly reduces swelling, relieves itching and burning of the skin associated with an allergic reaction or inflammation, promotes rapid healing of wounds and cracks in the skin, makes the skin smooth and elastic.

Decrease in device power: 1% over 10 years.

With proper operation of the device, its service life is at least 25 years.

Manufacturer's warranty period: 3 years

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