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The MAGMATRIX AGRO device uses the latest advances in science and technology, which has made it possible to achieve its superiority over all similar devices manufactured in the world. In particular, MAGMATRIX AGRO devices are much more powerful and more compact than existing analogues. The technology is patented.

   The devices of the MAGMATRIX class use a special magnetic matrix made of neodymium magnets, which allows, more than 20 times, to increase the intensity of the effect of the magnetic field on water. In addition, in devices of this class, along with the use of magnetization of water, vortex action, water treatment with an alternating magnetic field and infrasonic vibrations, at a frequency that allows the most efficient structure of water is used.

After magnetic treatment of water, while maintaining the chemical composition, its structure changes, which is reflected in its physical and chemical properties, that is, ordinary water becomes much more chemically and biologically active.

The practice of using magnetized water for irrigation shows that:

  • The yield of various types of plants increases;

  • Consumption of irrigation water is reduced;

  • The consumption of fertilizers is reduced;

  • The vegetative period decreases;

  • The amount of seed is more than halved;

  • The shelf life of crops of various plants is more than doubled;

  • The need for chemical fertilizers is reduced;

  • Disinfection of the soil from fungi and a number of pathogenic bacteria, microorganisms and parasites occurs.

  • There  desalination of saline soils.



Using magnetized water gives the following results:

  • Improving health;

  • Increase in average daily weight gain;

  • In cows, milk yield increases and the shelf life of milk increases;

  • In birds, egg production increases, egg damage decreases by increasing the strength of the eggshell;

  • The quality of meat of animals, birds and fish is increasing;

  • The health and vitality of fish significantly improves, the survival rate of fry, their active development and the appearance of larger individuals increase.

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MAGMATRIX technology can be used to improve the quality of life and environmental protection, in particular:

  • In filters for drinking water purification;

  • For cleaning natural reservoirs from blue-green algae (cyanobacteria);

  • For desalination of saline soils;

  • For the destruction of parasites, mold and pathogenic microbes in water bodies and soil;

  • In health centers, sanatoriums and SPA salons for taking medicinal baths;

  • In balneology for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;



  • Magnetic water treatment is now widely used to reduce water hardness and scale:

  • In heating systems of multi-storey buildings, villas and cottages; industrial enterprises and various institutions;

  • In hot and cold water supply systems for objects of various purposes;

  • At enterprises producing mineral and table water, etc.



Where Magmatrix can be used?

  • To reduce water hardness in industrial enterprises;

  • To reduce rigidity, saturation of oxygen and hydrogen water sanatoriums;

  • In health centers and spa salons;

  • In production process of mineral water and cool beverages;

  • In production process of alcoholic beverages;

  • Strenghtening of concrete with magnetic water;




MAGMATRIX HOUSE is installed directly on the water pipe inlet of an apartment or villa, cottage.


A magnetic activator can significantly soften water and reduce the formation of limescale and scale in:


• Water supply and heating pipes;


• Electric water heaters;


• Gas water heater;


• Teapots;


• Heating systems;


• Water pumps;


• Washing machines;


• Dishwashers;


• Pumping stations and boilers;


• Plumbing and hydromassage complexes.



Along with the “MAGMATRIX Personal” device, it is the world's most compact magnetic water activator. Magnetic family water activator "MAGMATRIX Family" has an original aesthetic design. It began production in 2020, paving the way for a new class of similar devices for family and individual use for the first time. An international patent was issued for the device.



The world's smallest magnetic water activator!

What makes the “MAGMATRIX -P” apparatus is attractive?

The magnetic personal water activator “MAGMATRIX-P” in the form of a pen began to be produced in 2018, opening the way for a new class of similar devices for individual use for the first time. An international patent was issued for the device.


  •  It does not consume electricity

  •  It can be carried in a breast pocket or purse.

  • It is much more powerful and several times smaller and lighter than existing devices.

  • It is practically an eternal generator of unique in its properties, magnetized water - a means for healing and rejuvenating the body.

  • It is very easy to operate and does not require special maintenance or replacement of parts.

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